Will Flower

About (Biography)

Born and raised on Long Island, Will spent his early years enjoying the natural beauty and environment of the north shore.  As a child, he worked at the Creek Club in Locust Valley, New York as a humble shoeshine boy.  Child labor laws must have been very relaxed in the 70's.  After graduation from high school, Will attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.  Following graduation, Will started working at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency where he worked with a number of dedicated and caring individuals.  He received a Masters of Public Administration Degree from University of Illinois - Springfield.



He worked at Waste Management in the Midwest Region  where he focused on communications, community relations, public involvement, media relations and crisis management.  In 1996, Will was asked to move and work in New York City as Waste Management entered the marketplace.  Will worked in New York City on a variety of projects including operations, business development, media relations, government affairs and community outreach.  Will was also involved in operations and served as the Division President of Waste Management of Long Island.  In 1999, Will joined Republic Services as the Business Development Manager and General Manager of Republic Services of New York where he coordinated the day to day operations of a 3,000 ton per day transfer station complete with rail logistics.  A year later, Will was selected to lead corporate communications at Republic Services, Inc. at the company's headquarters in Florida.  He was a member of the senior management team of Republic as the company grew from a regional company in 1999 to a Fortune 300 company with annual revenue of +$8 billion.  Following Republic's purchase of Allied Waste Industries in 2008, he was named an Executive Vice President of Communication and in 2011, he was made a Senior Vice President of Communications.  While in Arizona, Will served as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross (Grand Canyon Chapter) and President of the Board for Keep Phoenix Beautiful.  

In 2012, Will decided to take a break from his corporate career and spend some quality time with family and friends while continuing to serve the American Red Cross and Keep America Beautiful.   Today, Will remains active with the Solid Waste Association of North America where he serves on the International Board of Directors and is a member of the organization's Finance Committee.  Will is a frequent speaker at solid waste and recycling semininars and educational forums and contributes articles to numerous magazines and publications.

After his 18-month sabbatical, Will accepted a new challenge as the President of Green Stream Recycling which is a new company located on Long Island.  The new opportunity at Green Stream is a “dream” job in which Will gets to work with some truly talented and remarkable people whom he has known for many years.  The new company is focused on processing recyclable materials.  Essentially, they take the recyclable materials that people place at their curb and sort them into various products. The first order of business was to get started on designing, constructing and installing a brand new $7 million recycling system.

Will is married to Kim Flower, whom he met and fell in love with at college. They have two children who keep them young while turning his hair ever more white.

Will loves racquetball, hiking, sporting clays, boating, traveling (especially with family and friends), and many other activity outdoors.  Indoors, he loves cooking, reading and backgammon.

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